I have been building furniture since 1991. While I design some of my furniture, most pieces have a strong Frank Lloyd Wright influence.

I have made nearly all the furniture in my home, as well as the home and studios themselves. I use hardwoods and sophisticated joinery.

I started serious carving after 2002 when I decided “I could carve that!” I have carved five horses to date with each one getting more detailed then the one before. My passions flow from carving, to furniture making, to construction, to knife making, to metal sculpture to what ever else I feel I can do. Most of my time is spent in the studio, where I keep it inviting with air conditioning and heating, television and a refrigerator. I try to keep my hobbies a hobby to take me away from my job as a software engineer but find myself being more and more pulled towards the arts. Still, the software development offers a venue for its own form of virtual crafting.

Thanks for stopping by, enjoy your visit. Let me know you were here by signing my guest book.

Keith Goodyear.

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Thank you for coming to my web site. I hope you enjoy looking at my site as much as I enjoyed making the items you are going to look at. Some of the items you will look at are for sale while others are not. Contact me and let me know which piece interests you and if I have it for sale we can settle on a price. If it isn't, it is likely I can make one similar to your selection. Don't hesitate to ask.

Every piece of furniture is built from either Oak or Ash. The finish is built up of no fewer then 4 coats of lacquer. Some pieces that may see a lot of use, often have more. Most sculptures are made of maple though some are made of European Beech. The sculptures are essentially solid. The toys you see are all made of maple.

Knives are made of railroad spikes. Some of these spikes have a high carbon mixture and while this would make a finer edge it isn't necessary for my knives as these knives are meant more for display then for use. However, make no mistake they are capable of a fine edge. The knives are hardened and polished to a beautiful sheen. In most cases, engraving is available for an extra cost.

If you have questions or comments or an idea for a piece please e-mail me and I will consider your request..